About Frilotech

Why choose specialists like us?


We are a partner that helps with everything from
from product selection and handling to the right transportation solution.

Through in-depth knowledge of the industry, we specialize in everything
from development to finished product as well as testing and production.

FriloTech collaborates with leading manufacturers and offers
a broad product portfolio with fast and flexible delivery.

We have in-house production, testing, development, calculations, design, simulations
and validations in-house.

Our goal


Our vision
is to be the market leader in sustainable, energy-efficient transportation solutions
for temperature-sensitive products such as laboratory samples, medicines, vaccines and more.


By putting a great passion into the development and optimization of
known technologies as well as innovation for new alternatives, we ensure a constant development.


Creating Danish quality is in our DNA, our technical staff has more than 20 years of combined experience in both the practical and theoretical part, specializing in..:
  • Thermodynamics
  • 3D CAD drawings
  • Lane risk assessments
  • CFD Thermal software simulation
  • Cooling calculations
  • Chemistry - Development
  • TCP (Temperature Controlled Packaging)
  • GDP (Good distribution Practice)
  • GMP  (Good manufactoring Practice)
  • Thermal Validation Processes

Strong business partners

FriloTech collaborates with strong international suppliers of thermo packaging, data loggers, PCM elements/liquids, special high-insulating materials and a wide range of validated pharma solutions for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products.    

Contact us:  +45 61 13 20 00 

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