Packaging for the transportation of pharmaceutical products

Transport medicines at the right temperature

We specialize in ensuring stable temperatures inside the products you want to transport. For this, we use materials with high insulation value such as VIP (vacuum insulating panels), HIP (high insulating panels) and cooling/ PCM elements (phase changing material) as well as gel packs / gel ice / ice packs.

As a trusted partner to the pharmaceutical industry, we are known for high quality. This is partly due to our CFD simulation software and live testing capabilities in a climate chamber. We use both tools extensively as part of the development of pre-qualified or validated solutions, which means that in most cases, we can adapt our standard solutions to suit your way of packaging and shipping.

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Demand-specific temperature control

Depending on the specific temperature you want around your products, we will find a solution, either a standard in our broad portfolio, or we can develop one for you. 

Our experience is vast and we cover a wide range of temperatures in different solutions.

We have experience in developing high-performance solutions that must be able to maintain specific temperatures around the product under stressful conditions for more than 120 hours.

Temperature controlled boxes for transporting medical products

Temperature controlled boxes are a central part of our product portfolio. With a combination of advanced technologies and years of experience in temperature control, we have created passive cold chain boxes, that can maintain precise temperatures for long periods, regardless of the external conditions. The boxes are designed for both single product units and bulk shipments, and they are robust enough to handle the challenges that transportation can bring. We understand how important it is to protect medical products from temperature fluctuations, which is why our boxes are the ultimate choice for those looking for reliability in this critical task. Whatever your specific needs, our team will work closely with you to find the optimal solution, that ensures your medicines are safely and efficiently transported.

Safe transportation of medicine boxes

Transporting medical boxes is a crucial and complex task that requires special attention to detail. Medical products can be sensitive to temperature changes, moisture and shock. In many cases a special packaging is needed. These boxes should not only protect the contents from physical damage from impact or pressure, but they must also ensure that the drugs maintains its quality and effectiveness by preventing unwanted temperature fluctuations. Challenges such as long transportation times, varying climate conditions and possible delays make it crucial to choosing the
right type of packaging and cooling solutions. 

Furthermore, some medical products may also be shipped as dangerous goods, placing even higher demands on the packaging.

Product groups 

Covid 19 vaccine - pCM Cold chain Distribution boxes

Our wide range of solutions for the distribution of COVID 19 vaccines are either based on dry ice for the Pfizer vaccine or PCM technology for Moderna. The program covers solutions for vaccines that need to be shipped at -70⁰C / -20⁰C and +2/+8⁰C. The cold boxes are qualified for transport up to 72 hours.

The program covers several sizes, e.g. a full pallet box (pallet shipper - Cross-border -70⁰C/72H), (Domestic -70⁰C/48H) and several sizes of -20⁰C and +2/+8⁰C solutions. The program also includes solutions for the Mobile Vaccination Teams, which are suitable for teams going out to the elderly and most vulnerable.

Pre-qualified cold chain boxes, suitable for export

Our pre-qualified system solutions make it possible to transport pharmaceuticals or other temperature-sensitive products safely and quickly at temperatures from +2 to +8°C / +15 to +25°C / -25 to -15°C with PCM elements or deep frozen with dry ice (colder than -30°C)

Our range of boxes are produced in 3 sizes for +2 to +8°C / +15 to +25°C, or deep frozen with dry ice. The boxes can maintain the desired temperatures for a minimum of 72 hours.

Small 5,5 liter / Medium 14,5 liter / Large 21 liter

We have our pre-qualified dry ice boxes in

Small 18,8 liter / Medium 37 liter / Large 50 liter

The system solutions are delivered with all necessary parts, EPS thermal box, cooling and/or PCM elements, inner and outer cardboard box, packing instructions and qualification report. In addition, we develop special solutions for temperature-sensitive products that, for example, require FDA approval for dangerous goods.

All FriloTech standard system solutions are pre-qualified according to the high European standard AFNOR NF S99-700 or the American ISTA.


Half, full and XXL pallet boxes

If you have larger shipments to the same destination, we offer several types of transportation solutions within large thermal boxes / pallet boxes. All thermal boxes are designed for safe transportation, including by air.

The half-pallet solution is made of the strong material EPP. The cooler can hold 76 liters and is available in three versions: +2 to +8°C / +15 to +25°C and -21°C. The external dimensions are 800 x 595 x 600mm. The cooler is pre-qualified to maintain the desired temperatures for up to 72 hours.

The full hall solution made of the extra-insulating material NEOPOR. The thermal box can hold up to 573 liters and is available in two versions: +2 to +8°C and +15 to +25°C. The external dimensions are 800 x 1200 x 1600mm. The solution is pre-qualified to maintain the desired temperatures for up to 120 hours.

The XXL solution is made of the high-performance insulation material XPS and VIP. The size of this cool box is designed to accommodate an entire EURO pallet inside. The box comes as standard in 2 versions.

+2 to +25°C and +2 to +8°C. Both versions are qualified and tested in harsh conditions with peeks up to +60°C for summer and -20°C for winter and more than 120 hours of transportation.

Cl & Dry Ice coolers and freezers

We know what time means to patients - and that there's no room for error. Our solutions enable pharmacies and clinics to solve logistical challenges with temperature-sensitive medicines such as cytostatic chemotherapeutics, infusion therapy medicines and antibiotics.

CL thermal boxes are designed specifically for pharmacies and laboratories. The CL cold chain boxes are designed for hospitals and hospital pharmacies, among others. Both systems provide safe and reliable transportation for up to 48 hours. The systems are also qualified and tested under strict conditions repeatedly to ensure they meet the high demands of the market.

CL boxes comes in 3 sizes: 5, 10 and 24 liters - for +2 to +8°C and +15 to +25°C and -25 to -15°C

We also have the option to supply special PCM/cooling elements for products that, for example, need to be transported at -21°C or colder. All components can be cleaned and used effectively repeatedly without losing their properties.

Dry Ice Line is our new EPP box for medical products that need to be kept at a minimum of -15°C. The 30-liter box can hold -15 to -25°C for more than 35 hours.

The cold chain boxes are qualified and tested according to AFNOR St-48-a

Pre-qualified Dry ice boxes

If you are looking for a good quality thermal box suitable for exporting dry ice shipments, we have several sizes to choose from.

Our TH series is qualified up to 72 hours shipping and is tested according to AFNOR temperature profiles. The dry ice boxes are available with a heavy-duty outer cardboard box with carrying handles for easy handling.

Contact us for pricing, delivery time, documentation, etc.

Standard boxes

If you're looking for standard thermal boxes for shipping temperature-sensitive products, we offer a wide range of more than 35 different sizes of thermal boxes - from 1.5 to 101 liters of space.

We offer advice on EPS, NEOPOR, EPP and XPS. In special cases, we also work with VIP and HIP insulation (vacuum insulation panels and high insulation panels)

In connection with development projects, we are happy to collaborate on the performance of temperature simulations and/or climate chamber tests with associated documentation and qualification/validation. We are also happy to help with the preparation of temperature profiles, packaging instructions and training of responsible packaging personnel.

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