Solutions for Temperature Sensitive Products

Specialists in products for safe transportation of temperature-sensitive products


Industry knowledge, thoroughness and documentation are parameters that mean everything to us and you. See standard and custom solutions.


Fast delivery and competitive pricing to meet your industry and needs. See standard and custom solutions.

Data loggers

High-quality, moisture and temperature-sensitive shipment monitoring. Monitoring warehouses, cold storage, hospitals, production, etc.

Protective packaging

Proven solutions are selected and developed based on years of experience.

news - SUSTAINABLE thermal boxes

As your green manufacturer of cooling/PCM elements, gel packs and thermo boxes, we offer something groundbreaking in the market. Thermal boxes made from sheep's wool from northern Germany. Contact us if this could be interesting for your business, with an extra step in the sustainable direction.A few quick facts about wool.
  • Wool is moisture and water repellent
  • Wool insulates incredibly well.
  • Wool is 100% Biodegradable.

Read more about our development in sustainable initiatives and products. Find out more here.

From service to success: Get advice from a specialist

Our goal is to advise you on the optimal transportation solution for products that are sensitive to temperature, shock and impact. Whether it's standard or customized solutions.


We develop and produce our own gel packs in sizes from 200-1600ml and for several different temperature ranges.


FriloTech has a wide standard range of cooling, heating and PCM elements in multiple sizes and for multiple temperatures.

Thermo boxes for food

We market a wide range of thermal boxes in both EPS and EPP for everything from catering to online food sales.

Pharma packaging

Our core competencies are in transport solutions for Pharma. Our technical managers are highly trained and always up-to-date on packaging for pharmaceutical transportation.

Data loggers

Data loggers for measuring temperature, humidity, GSM and GPS position. Special temperature loggers for dry ice and cryo measurements, single or multiple use. Loggers for warehouse, hospital and laboratory monitoring.

Protective packaging

Wide range of protective packaging for transporting sensitive products such as biofill, corner protectors, bottle protectors and hollow trays.

Highest quality testing, development & design

Our capabilities are your competitive advantage. That's why we constantly challenge ourselves, our customers and the solutions we achieve. Our development department works with, among other things:

Vores kompetencer
  • Production of cooling elements & PCM
  • 3D CAD designs
  • Temperature & Lane risk assessments
  • Cooling calculations
  • Thermal simulations
  • Prototyping
  • Temperature test in climate chamber
  • Report / Validation

GElpacks & PCM

In our lab, we develop our own gel packs, cooling elements and PCM elements.

 3D CAD designs

In collaboration with the customer, FriloTech's designer offers in-house 3D drawings.

Temperature profiles

A temperature profile will match your way of shipping - which is the first step we define.

Cooling calculations

Once the temperature profile is in place, we can calculate which solution will suit your needs.

Thermal simulations

Before we deploy expensive moulding tools, we do in-house thermal software simulations.


From the result of the simulations, we can create a physical prototype.

temperature tests

In our temperature chamber, we can test prototypes and customize standard solutions.

Report / Validation

Last but not least, we help performe reports and validations. Based on the climate chamber results

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