Our main product groups

Our main products


We develop and produce our own gel packs in sizes from 200-1600ml and for several different temperature ranges.


Our core competencies are in transport solutions for Pharma. Our technical managers are highly trained and always up-to-date on packaging for pharmaceutical transportation.

Cooling & PCM elements
FriloTech has a wide standard range of cooling, heating and PCM elements in multiple sizes and for multiple temperatures.

Data loggers

Data loggers for measuring temperature, humidity, GSM and GPS position. Special temperature loggers for dry ice and cryo measurements, single or multiple use. Loggers for warehouse, hospital and laboratory monitoring.


We market a wide range of thermal boxes in both EPS and EPP for everything from catering to online food sales.

Protective packaging
Wide range of protective packaging for transporting sensitive products such as biofill, corner protectors, bottle protectors and hollow trays.

FriloTech: Why choose specialists like us?

Passion for creating solutions
In-house testing, development and production
Broad knowledge in development and production
In-depth industry knowledge
100% confidentiality